Landlord Collections / Rent Recovery

Collection Law Center represents residential and commercial landlords throughout Kansas. Our experienced attorneys and staff are well versed in the Kansas Residential Landlord Tenant Act and assist clients with navigating the many unpredictable aspects of tenant management. We represent clients in a wide variety of tenant collection matters including:

  • Collections/Rent Recovery
  • Evictions
  • Post-Eviction Collections

Our firm also provides a wide variety of related services including:

  • Training seminars for your management staff
  • Drafting of residential or commercial leases
  • Issues that arise during occupancy

Collection Law Center’s clients include:

  • Residential and commercial landlords
  • Rental management companies
  • Multi-housing developments
  • Apartment complexes
  • Homeowners’ associations

Professional Affiliations

We stay abreast of laws, technology and industry issues by our involvement in the leading state and national organizations, including:

Helping Landlords Self-Manage Problems

To assist landlords, we have established links that may help you manage your properties in a manner that can save you money if things go wrong.